DSLR Camera Reviews

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DSLR Camera Reviews
I've bought my first DSLR back in 2003. It was a Canon EOS D60. Not a Canon EOS 60D. No. It was the good old Canon EOS D60 with 6 MP and 3 AF focus areas. It was a great camera and I've taken lots of fantastic photos with it. Even if I compare them to photos which I've taken with much newer camerass. The possibilities to get great pictures even in bad light situations e.g. have significantely improved with newer cameras. But when everything was ok, great light and a not too fast moving subject, the Canon EOS D60 was able to produce fantastic photos.
Only half a year later I bought my second DSLR, the Canon EOS 10DMore Info and not much later the Nikon D200. Don't ask my why, but from that point of time I photographed with both systems, Nikon and Canon. I just couldn't decide, which system was better to go with. I liked the Canon lenses and the colours of my Nikon DSLRs etc. I just were not able to make a decision between Nikon and Canon.

Foto : Nikon D7000 + Tamron 180mm 3,5 This Silver-Studded Blue was photographed with a Nikon D7000More Info DSLR and a Tamron 180mm f3,5 macro lens. I always like the colours of the Nikon DSLRs. Espescially when I went out photographing insectsPicture Gallery or flowersPicture Gallery I used my Nikon equipment most times.

So due to the possibilty to photograph with both systems, I am able to compare these both systems a little bit in terms of nature photography. So what you can find here and at the following pages are small reviews of all DSLRs I've used so far. In most cases with a little comparisons to the direct competitors of the other brand. All these reviews are quite subjective. If I write, I like the colours or this or that of that camera, other photographerMore Info may have a complete different opinion. And even when I write about ISO noise, this is my subjective perception of it. Measured ISO noise is something totally different of how someone sees ISO noise with her or his eyes. So I recommend, that you should read other reviews too, before deciding with which camera you want to go. The best is always to put your hands on a camera and take several shots with it under different circumstances and then compare for yourself with other cameras. After that your really can decide, which camera is the one to go with.

Article from 2014-11-18


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