Potato Aphid

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Potato Aphid

( Macrosiphum euphorbiae )

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Potato Aphid - Potato Aphid

Potato Aphid

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"Potato Aphid" :

Photo Potato Aphid

! Sorry - Information Not Available - Catchwords given by the Photographer : Insekt Insekten Insecta Insects Insect Blattlaus Blattläuse Gestreifte Kartoffelblattlaus Grünstreifige Kartofellblattlaus Grüngestreifte Kartoffelblattlaus Potato Aphid Potato Aphids Macrosiphum euphorbiae Potato Aphid-photo description info Potato Aphid characteristics Potato Aphids Macrosiphum euphorbiae Potato Aphids-photos
Photographer : Gerd Rossen
Digital camera used : Nikon D2Xs + Zwischenringe - Soligor Extension Tubes 20+36mm + Tamron SP AF 180mm 3,5 Di LD IF MACRO
Resolution of the Photo : 2543x3815 Pixel
More of my Potato Aphid photos you can find in our stock photo agency Fotonatur.de. You can also find there many pictures from other photographers of this species.

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