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Too use the lightbox you have to accept cookies and javascript in your browser.
Most browser have the opportunity to accept cookies for selected website. So if you don't want to accept cookies generally, you can accept them for this website exclusively. sets only one cookie, and this cookie contains only information about your shopping cart. No other information will be saved in this cookie.

If you do not want to accept cookies you can send us an request to pictures via email, too. Please note the photonumbers to your request. You'll find them if click at the thumbnails. A window with the bigger picture will open then. At the bottom of this picture-window you'll find the number of the photo.

Gerd Rossen

At the moment there aren't any photos in your lightbox.

To work with your lightbox and to fill it with photos from this website, you have to accept cookies and JavaScript hast to be activated in your browser.
You can put photos into the lightbox by clicking at the shopping cart symbols next to the photos in the galleries. The shopping cart symbol will turn into green, if the photo is in the lightbox.
In the menu at the top-right you can always view how many photos are already in the lightbox.
By clicking at Shopping Cart or Lightbox (0) in the menus, you get directly into your lightbox. There you can view all photos you have already put in the box. And there you have the ability to delete pictures from the lightbox or send us a request for the pictures in your box. If the lightbox does not work at your computer, you can also write an request via email. Please add the numbers of the photos in your mail-requests. You find the numbers when viewing the pics at large size.

Here you can administrate your pics in the lightbox. You can delete them, or put new pictures into it, when browsing through the galleries by clicking at the shopping cart symbol.
If you are satisfied with you selection of photos you can send a request to us by clicking at the button. We will answer you request as fast as possible, normally within a few hours.


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