Updates And News

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Updates And News

Here I'll inform you about all changes at digital-nature-photography.comMore Info ! If there are new articles in the Interesting ThingsMore Info section, or new species in the galleries.
I will even introduce internal changes here, which you might have not recognized. So if you want to know, what's new, please first look here or in the New PicsMore Info section.

Entry from 2014-11-18 :

Introduction : DSLR Camera ReviewsMore Info

The introduction of the DSLR Camera ReviewsMore Info is online now...

Entry from 2014-11-15 :

Review Of Canon EOS40DMore Info

I've just completed the review of the Canon EOS 40DMore Info.

Read more about this camera : Canon EOS 40DMore Info

Entry from 2014-11-06 :

Review Of Canon EOS 10DMore Info

We've just added a review of the good old Canon EOS 10DMore Info. Should you go with this older semi professional camera or would it be better to go with a recent entry level dslr (for a little more money)?

Read more : Canon EOS 10DMore Info

Entry from 2014-10-31 :

Review : KowaPicture Gallery TSN-11WZ wide zoom eyepiece

I've just tested the quite new KowaPicture Gallery TSN-11WZ eyepiece in terms of birdwatching and digiscopingMore Info.

Read more here : KOWA TSN-11WZ

Entry from 2014-09-13 :

Roof Mushroom

We have added a new page about the Roof Mushroom (Pluteus atromarginatusPicture Gallery) at digital-nature-phiotography. A wonderful looking mushroom, growing on wood.

Entry from 2014-09-12 :

Spiny PuffballPicture Gallery

We've just added a new page about the Spiny PuffballPicture Gallery, a quite rare mushroom here in Northern Germany. For me it was the first time I saw one.

Read more : Spiny PuffballPicture Gallery

Entry from 2014-08-27 :

Pied AvocetPicture Gallery

We have added a new page about the Pied AvocetPicture Gallery (Recurvirostra avosettaPicture Gallery) at digital-nature-photograŁphy.com. I photographed the birdPicture Gallery years ago, but forgot to put the gallery online.

Entry from 2013-09-20 :

Roundhead Species (Stropharia squamosaPicture Gallery)

We have added a new page about a Roundhead Species, scientific name is Stropharia squamosaPicture Gallery.

Entry from 2011-04-05 :

Faster Galleries And Lots Of Things Planned

I made some changes in the gallery script. Galleries should open a little faster now.

As you might know, on the German version of digital-nature-photographyMore Info there are much more text-articles about digiscopingMore Info or tests about digital SLRs. I've planned to translate all these articles into English during the next weeks. At first I'll start with current articles about the Canon EOS 7D and the Nikon D7000More Info. So stay tuned and look here from time to time if the articles are out.

Entry from 2011-04-01 :

Some changes in the picture-windows

I've just done some changes with the picture-window, that opens when clicking at the thumbnails. Befor these changes a 3rd window opened as a popup to give you additional text referring to the pictures. This 3rd window doesn't appear anymore. The additional text appears now in the picture-window. So you don't have any problems viewing the text, when popup-blocker are installed at your browser.

Hope everything runs fine with your browser, if not, please let me know (maybe by sending me a screenshot, if something goes wrong)



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