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Some interesting information
In this section of this website I will write something about my experiences with nature-photography - especially about my experiences with digital still cameras used in the nature-photography.

Most articles shown here are technical articles about digital-cameras that I've used and if they worked well for me, or not. All articles about the cameras are of course very subjective and it's only my opinion about them. Other people of course could have had totally different experiences with these cameras.
Then you'll find an instruction how to use a motorcycle-battery to power your digital cameras. Don't laugh at me now - yes - I'm using a motorcycle battery with my camera. And I bet, I never run out of power. ;-)

In the next few weeks I'll upload an article about how I made a portable hide (tent). Looks very funny, but it works. Thanx to my mum, for helping me to realize the hide.
I'll also post reports about some of my phototrips here and some sections dealing with special topics in the near future.
This section of the website is a permanent building site. So take a look here from time to time.

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Article from 2003-02-01


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