Plants, Flowers and Trees

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Plants and Trees - Photos
Sometimes, when there are no birdsPicture Gallery to photograph ( ;-) ), I'm trying to photograph plantsPicture Gallery or treesPicture Gallery. And I think it's very demanding. It is really hard to get a decent shot of a plantPicture Gallery, and that even if the plantPicture Gallery isn't able to flyPicture Gallery off or run away.
One have to take into account the right light, perspective etc...
The photography of plantsPicture Gallery takes often more time, then the birds-photographyMore Info, and the results, are often very disapointing - at least my results ;-) .

Leaves of a tree

Nethertheless sometimes, when everything is ok, as the light, the perspective etc, you'll get some decent shots and the trouble is being payed.
Even as in the macro-photography, the plantPicture Gallery fotos are more like by-products to my birds- photos. So the quality of my plantPicture Gallery photos is not the best, but again I'll show you them anyway.
Sometimes I use my digiscopingMore Info set-up for the plant-photography, and I think the disgicoped plantsPicture Gallery look much better as the plantPicture Gallery fotos I took with my other cameras in the macromode. If you are using a digiscopingMore Info set-up for the bird-photographyMore Info, have a try and shoot some plantPicture Gallery photos with it. You surely will be surprised how good the results look, if you compare them to the photos of your other equipment.

Again, at the left you'll see a box with links to my plantPicture Gallery photos.

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