Wildlife-Photography of Mammals

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Mammals (Wildlife and Pets)
When I'm out at one of my birding trips I sometimes meet other animals, like wildlife mammalsPicture Gallery, interesting insectsPicture Gallery etc. ! And of course I try to take a photo of them, too.
But there are some difficulties, which appear when I use my digiscopingMore Info set-up for mammalsPicture Gallery. The air is often full of dust or humidity, and course of the bigger size of the mammalsPicture Gallery I have to take the photos from a greater distance, as if I would photograph birdsPicture Gallery. All the dust and humdity and sometimes the movement of hot air often decreases image-quality.

DeersThis photo is made with my
digiscopingMore Info equipment early in the morning. The air was still a little but humid, so the sharpness of the original photo-data didn't come out very well...

But there are some photos, that have been exposed very well. Don't ask me why, maybe the air was very clean at that days. I really don't know. And this few shots, I will show you here. By the way, with a little bit photoshop work, one can easily clear up your fotos from dusty or humid air, if it's not to hard. And at the pics resized for web you can't see anything of that dust or humidity anymore. But it is really a problem if you wan't to print the photos on big papers like A4 or A3. What a pity :-( ...
Because of having only a few pics off mammalsPicture Gallery I will also put petsPicture Gallery and people into this section of my homepage to fill this section up.

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