Digiscoping Nikon Coolpix 5000 Swarovski 80HD

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Digiscoping with the Nikon Coolpix 5000
The Nikon CoolpixMore Info 5000 has got a 5MP CCD sensor, so it delivers huge photo-files up to 2560x1920 pixel. The CCD sensor of the Nikon CoolpixMore Info 5000 has got bigger dimensions, than the previous Nikon CoolpixMore Info digital cameras. A bigger sensor stands for less ISO noise. But a bigger sensor has got its disadvantages, too. The depth of field of the pics is much smaller than the depths of field with cameras with small CCD sensor.
This effect can clearly be seen in the digiscopingMore Info results, when you put the Nikon CoolpixMore Info 5000 in front of your scope.
Normally one should think that the details come out much better with the Nikon CoolpixMore Info 5000, but in most cases the results are worse than the results with 3MP cameras.

Digiscoping Camera : Nikon Coolpix 500 - average shot - distance 13-15 mtrsAn average digiscopingMore Info shot taken with the Nikon CoolpixMore Info 5000 and a Swarovski 80HDMore Info Spotting Scope at a distance from about 13-15 meters.

Maybe it has something to do with the resolution of the scope. I often notice, that when I'm very close to the subjects, details are great, and if I'm a little bit more far away, the results get worse. The best results I got a distances from about 5-9 metres, and at these distances the resolution of the pics is indeed better than pics taken with 3MP cameras.
Another thing I've noticed, is, that if you want to fokus at birdsPicture Gallery far away the focus of the camera often fails. Maybe again that has something to do with the scope resolution. Not enough resolution and contrast means no correct focus.

Original Crop of a digiscoped Nikon Coolpix 5000 shotA crop of the original photo
without doing any
photoshop work on it.

Like the Nikon Coolpix 4500More Info , the CoolpixMore Info 5000 brings out the contrast to high. So you have to change the contrast settings to minimum.
The automatic white balance never worked well together with the scope. I alway set the white balance manually. The auto white-balance produces cold, blue pictures in almost every digiscopingMore Info situation.
The colours of the Nikon CoolpixMore Info 5000 come out great in most times, sometimes a bit oversaturated, so that I have to set the saturation control to "moderate". It depends on the light-situation.
So all in all the Nikon CoolpixMore Info 5000 is ok for digiscopingMore Info, when you're able to get very close to the subjects.

Original Crop of one of my Kingfisher Photos. Digiscoping Camera : Nikon Coolpix 5000A crop of an original CoolpixMore Info 5000 + Swarovski 80HDMore Info photo taken out of a hide at about 7 metres far away from the birdPicture Gallery.

But notice :
The resultiung focal length is much smaller than the resulting focal length of the Nikon Coolpix 990More Info, 995More Info or 4500More Info combined to a spotting scope. So photographing birdsPicture Gallery with this setup is best possible out of a hide or something like that.
The best results I got, with the eyepiece set at 20x.
Vignetting appears immediately, when you zoom back the camera, so with a standard adapter you'll only be able to shoot at full zoom. But I've heard of some special adapters for the CP 5000, so have a look, and explore other digiscopingMore Info websites.

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Thank you for your help :-) !

Article from Somewhere in 2005


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