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All Other Photos
In this section of the website I put all photos, that don't fit into the other categories. Here you find fungusPicture Gallery, lichens, fishPicture Gallery, reptiles as well as landscapesPicture Gallery, long-time-exposures and some photo-experiments.

spiderwebDie ersten Vorboten des Herbstes
sind die mit Tautröpfchen behangenen
Spinnennetze die im Spätsommer und
Frühherbst überall zu finden

Also you can find photos of thunderstorms and other natural phenomenons.
Some years ago I tried some 3D-photography or stereo-photography. Some of my best stereo-photos you can view here two. You need no equipment to view the stereopics, only your eyes. Try to look cross-eyed at the two parts of the pic and after a time the both pics will fuse to one sharp 3dimensional pic in your eyes. It's a bit tricky, but after some tries you surely will get it.

So much fun in this little chaotic part of my website...

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