Digiscoping Nikon Coolpix 990 Swarovski 80HD

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Digiscoping with the Nikon Coolpix 990
The CoolpixMore Info 990 is a great digiscopingMore Info camera. Most of my digiscopedMore Info pics are prduced by the Nikon CoolpixMore Info 990. It's my "in the fields"-camera.
The sharpest pics with the greatest colours came all out of this camera, and the focus even works in light-conditions where my other cameras would have failed.
The pics of the Nikon CoolpixMore Info 990 have great contrast, even if you use the autmatic setting. The colours are quite authentic (and in my eyes they come out better than e.g. the colours of the 995More Info).
The big disadvantage of the Nikon CoolpixMore Info 990 is the heavy noise, when switching the ISO to ISO200 or higher. Even at ISO there's quite much ISO noise. But you can delete noise in photoshop easily, if you don't sharpen the background.
The autofocus of the Nikon CoolpixMore Info 990 seems to work faster than the focus of other coolpixMore Info cameras, when fixed to a scope. And the focus is precise in most shots.
The best results I got in the Macro-Setting with the camera zoomed a little bit back.

Digiscoping camera : Nikon Coolpix 990 + Swarovski 80HDWhitethroatPicture Gallery, digiscopedMore Info with Nikon CoolpixMore Info 990 combined to a Swarovski 80HDMore Info Spotting Scope.

But attention : With the macro-setting turned on, the autofocus works a little bit slower than with the normal autofocus. In situations, where you have to be very fast, e.g. when photographing a moving birdPicture Gallery, you should not use the macro-setting. Most of the pics come out sharp with the autofocus set to normal, too. And that's much faster than the macro-setting.
And as always : The closer you are to the subject, the more details and sharpness you'll get out of the camera. But with this camera it's even possible to take shots with the scope-eypiece at 40x and full camera-zoom. That means good shots with 4000mm focal length. I've never managed such shots with other Nikon-Cameras, like the 995More Info, the 4500More Info and especially the CP 5000More Info, which only delivers poor results at higher magnifications.

Crop of the original Coolpix 990 digiscoping-pictureCrop from the original file of the CoolpixMore Info 990 combined to a Swarovski 80 HDMore Info spotting scope.
As you can see, the
ISO100 noise is clearly
But also you can see
the great details and sharpness of the pic.

Except the ISO-noise there are no disadcantages of this good old Nikon CoolpixMore Info camera. For me it's THE digiscopingMore Info camera.
I speculated a lot, why this camera delivers sharper shots than for example the 995More Info or the 4500More Info. And I came to the result, that it must have something to do with the 3x zoom of this cameras. All other cameras have a built-in 4x zoom (except the CP5000More Info). The quality of the 3x zoom has to be much better, expecially when used together with a scope.

Crop from an original CP990-FileCrop from an original CP990 file. Photo taken through a Swarovski 80HDMore Info Spotting Scope out of a hide

Have a look at the kingfisherPicture Gallery pic. Again quite good details and sharpness. Unfortunately the light wasn't very good, so you can't compare it directly to the Coolpix 5000More Info shots of the kingfisherPicture Gallery. If the light has been better, the details would have come out much better. But as you can see, the Coolpix 5000More Info delivers slightly more details than the 990 - but only at very close distance. And that's the disadvantage of the Coolpix 5000More Info. It's not a real digiscopingMore Info camera, like the 990 is.
So all in all : The Nikon CoolpixMore Info 990 was (in my opinion) the best digiscopingMore Info camera I've since the BNikon Coopix 8400More Info came out. The Coolpix 8400More Info even outerperforms the 990. Have a look at ebays or amazon, and with a little luck you get one very cheap.

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Thank you for your help :-) !

Article from Somewhere in 2002


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